Eureka Rescue Mission
-Serving The Northcoast Since 1967-
Rebuilding Broken Lives
One Life at a Time
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About Us
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Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Eureka Rescue Mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation to those in need of spiritual rebirth. The Mission accomplishes this by holding chapel services each day, providing shelter and showers, feeding the hungry and giving clothing to those in need.
Executive Director, Bryan Hall, Sr.

Bryan Hall, Sr., has been with the Eureka Rescue Mission since 2006. He graduated the New Life Program and immediately went to work at our Thrift Store. Soon after, he started working as a house manager at the Men’s Shelter, and from there became the Men’s Shelter Director. Bryan had been working closely with the previous Executive Director for the past few years being trained for the position of executive director. Bryan has a great compassion for those we serve, and has a call for Mission ministry. 

A Brief History Of The Mission

The Eureka Rescue Mission was established in 1967 by David H. Eitzen in what was then known as the Bay Hotel, located at 110 2nd Street in Eureka, California. (The Mission is still at this location). When the Mission first opened, only the first floor of the then four story building was usable due to code restrictions. The Mission had 15 available beds by the end of 1967. The lot and building were purchased for $12,000.

A New Generation of Leadership

Our current Executive Director, Bryan Hall Sr., has been with the Eureka Rescue Mission since 2006. Today the Mission is comprised of a Women & Children's Shelter which offers housing for approximately 35 women and children, a Men’s Shelter which houses 90 men, a Thrift Store, and Executive Office. Services at the Men's Shelter have been expanded to include the Men's New Life Discipleship Program. A women's program is being prayerfully considered for future expansion at the Women & Children's Shelter.
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